Enrich is taking a different approach to banking and personal finance.

We're dedicated to bringing back trust and faith to the banking system.

We're building a new kind of bank.

Here is a sneak peek into the vision for Enrich.
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Foster better habits and build your financial confidence through positive reinforcement.

Personal finance

Forward looking and forward thinking personal finance reimagines how we treat our money.


Better banking begins with transparency and grows by learning from our users. 

The Awesome Bank

We're thinking beyond just the fancy apps and slick design.  
Enrich is banking reimagined, here are a few of our guiding principles.  


We're all different. Your bank should be able to adapt to your financial situation today as well as your goals for tomorrow.  


Banking and personal finance tools that know you. Spending and saving guidance based off of how you spend and save, nothing generic.


Intelligent and proactive to prevent you from financial mishaps or shortfalls. Personal finance that works with you and prepares you. 

Our Story

We embarked on the Enrich journey to address the disconnect between millennials and banking.  
If you'd like to learn more, drop us a line at hello@getenrich.com